October 18, 2016

The Perfect Juice?!!

I bought a used juicer today.  On a whim.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Then I searched recipes on pinterest, and went to the grocery store.

$25 later I can probably make a dozen varieties of juice, easy.  I may have over done it.

My first juice was PERFECT.  I wanted a second batch right away!  It wasn't quite sweet enough to "fool" my kids, but I bet two strawberries dropped in there is all it would take, because, to ME, it was super balanced, not tart, didn't taste too "vegetable-y", and seriously, it was SO GOOD.


1/2 organic green apple
1/2 large beet (or one whole small beet)
1/2 cucumber
1 carrot

Makes approximately 15oz of juice.  SO GOOD!


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