July 23, 2011

Motherhood Exposed - Buckle Up, It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

Granny Annie has been visiting for the past week.  We spent one day running errands with the babe.  We went to the Re-Store, I Heart New York Pizza, Michael's, The Dollar Store, Food Lion, and back home.  When we got home, Audrey was conked out in her car seat.  This is typical.  I set her down in the living room and went on about my business for as long as she would let me.  She eventually started to kick her feet and squirm so I knelt down to rescue her from this seat she had spent most of her morning in.  We usually keep a blanket on her, so I pulled that off of her first then sat down on my bottom, horrified at what I saw.  My angel was not buckled up.  She had fussed in Michael's, so I picked her up and carried her around for a bit.  At the check out I sat her back in her seat, but did not buckle her in and apparently never remembered to before we got back in the car.

Sad face...

A million what-ifs raced through my mind as I stared at my precious cargo.  More than a car accident, (which would have been detrimental, obviously, but unikely), I was freaked out about the way I handle her so roughly in the seat.  How could she have not slid out... what if she had slid out?!  I had popped her out of the shopping cart, flung her over my arm, tossed her in the car, and lugged her in the house... all the while her little bottom stayed put in her seat, no thanks to her mama.

Taking a moment to be thankful that she is just fine and thinking to myself I can't be the only mom that has done this.  Right?

July 18, 2011

Dear Audrey - Two Months

Dear Audrey -

How can I expect to remember all that has happened and changed in this last month.  You smile.  Boy, do you love to smile.  You finally wake up happy, smiling, ready to play.  You look at me like I'm crazy if I try to put you back down at 7am, sweetly demanding that I play with you by smiling and cooing... and squirming like crazy in your swaddle with big eager eyes.

You would rather lay and look at someone's face than play with the animals in your play gym.  You get frustrated in your play gym pretty quickly and start yelling at them.  I keep telling you that it's not nice to yell at your friends.

When you are anxious about something or you get startled your skin gets clammy.  Your palms sweat, your forehead beads up, and even your sweet little baby thighs feel clammy.  You can't blame me for this one, this comes straight from your daddy.

You have just recently begun to start crying a little before you go down for each nap.  I think it's because you're learning that there is fun to be had when you're awake so you're less interested in getting to sleep even though you are so tired.  You don't cry at night though.  It's amazing.  No matter how cranky your day has been, as soon as we swaddle you for bedtime we can lay you right down and you drift off to sleep.  Occasionally you squirm and I have to soothe you and put you back down, but you don't cry.  I'm amazed that you never sleep more than an hour at a time during the day, but when you go down for the night you sleep 6/7 hours easy.  Your longest stretch so far has been 9 hours.  9pm to 6am.  I'm a lucky mama!

We have learned that you're, "I'm hungry," cry sounds like, "neh, neh," and it's really fun for us to know we're accurately meeting your needs.  At least that one need... we have no clue what the other cries mean.

In the last week you've gotten much more used to your daddy and he's had great success soothing you.  You look so darn cute sleeping on his chest.  What a lovely sight.

You love to be outside, especially on the porch swing.  You and I sat out there one evening while the sky went from peaceful to stormy.  We swung and listened as the wind picked up and the sky got grayer.  We sat out there as the rain drops started softly and eventually got heavier.  We swung while the wind blew a mist in on our faces.  We watched and listened to the thunder and lightening.  You fell asleep on the swing and the thunder overhead didn't phase you.  You love to be outside, especially on the porch swing.

Daddy gives you baths regularly now and it's one of your favorite times.  If we could just figure out how to convince you to not scream your head off when it's time to dry off.  You sit in your bouncy seat in the bathroom while I try to squeeze in a quick shower shower and most of the time this works just fine.  One time you totally lost it.  Thankfully you were only wearing a diaper so I tore that thing off of you, swept you up, and brought you in the shower with me.  You loved it.  Until it was time to dry off.

Mama went off on her own without you for the first time.  First was a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts.  I was with a friend and was barely gone 12 minutes.  Hey, it was a start!  Second was a solo trip to Kroger.  I was so anxious and hurried the whole time but I was gone a good hour.  Daddy was home with you and you both did great.  It's still going to be a while before it's easy for me to leave you.  We spend all of our time together after all!

Loving learning you,

Mama and Daddy