July 23, 2011

Motherhood Exposed - Buckle Up, It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

Granny Annie has been visiting for the past week.  We spent one day running errands with the babe.  We went to the Re-Store, I Heart New York Pizza, Michael's, The Dollar Store, Food Lion, and back home.  When we got home, Audrey was conked out in her car seat.  This is typical.  I set her down in the living room and went on about my business for as long as she would let me.  She eventually started to kick her feet and squirm so I knelt down to rescue her from this seat she had spent most of her morning in.  We usually keep a blanket on her, so I pulled that off of her first then sat down on my bottom, horrified at what I saw.  My angel was not buckled up.  She had fussed in Michael's, so I picked her up and carried her around for a bit.  At the check out I sat her back in her seat, but did not buckle her in and apparently never remembered to before we got back in the car.

Sad face...

A million what-ifs raced through my mind as I stared at my precious cargo.  More than a car accident, (which would have been detrimental, obviously, but unikely), I was freaked out about the way I handle her so roughly in the seat.  How could she have not slid out... what if she had slid out?!  I had popped her out of the shopping cart, flung her over my arm, tossed her in the car, and lugged her in the house... all the while her little bottom stayed put in her seat, no thanks to her mama.

Taking a moment to be thankful that she is just fine and thinking to myself I can't be the only mom that has done this.  Right?


  1. Don't worry about the "what-ifs", or you'll never be able to function. I am thankful we have a loving God who is in control!

  2. Oh Rachel, I know you must have been so upset. But do not beat yourself up too much, its a part of being a mom & juggling so many things. Remind me to tell you the time I locked baby Jake in the car with my keys in the ignition and i had to call the fire dept to help.. Total meltdown.. felt like a complete failure and the embarrassment still haunts me!

    Shes lovely. She truly is. Im so glad shes here.