June 3, 2011

Motherhood Exposed: Our first solo outing

We had a play date last Wednesday, but a friend picked us up, so mom and babe have not been out unsupervised, until today!

Today is national donut day and the Dunkin Donuts right around the corner was calling my name loud and clear.  Because I haven't taken her out on my own yet, I also have not installed the carseat base in my car.  Here's what our morning looked like:

After she was fed and satisfied, I put her in her bouncy seat and went out to repark the car from the street to the driveway.  I peaked my head back in to check on her, she still looked happy.  I grabbed the carseat base and went out to install it.  Peaked my head back in to check on her, she still looked happy.  I grabbed the stroller frame and threw it in the trunk.  Came back in, still a happy girl.  I put her onesie on her, strapped her in the carseat, and began the task of looking all over the house making sure I had everything we needed.  I grabbed the diaper bag, the baby carrier, my wallet, keys, her sunhat, an extra blanket.  I looked all around before deciding we were done, I had everything we needed.  I grabbed her and everything else and, using my right foot, held the cat back while getting us and everything else out the front door.  I locked the front door, proud of myself for doing it and walked around to the far side of the car.  Tossed the diaper bag and carrier through the passenger window onto the seat, and set her carseat in the base.  Walked around to the driver side of the car and realized I had forgotten something.  My shoes.  I was barefoot!

I got my shoes and off we went to get a big ole coffee and a free toasted coconut donut.  We did it!


  1. Shoes Required! LOL

    You're doing a great job Momma!

  2. Woohoo! Good job... It sounds like a perfect outing.

  3. Note to self: Grabbing a coffee and donut now takes 45 minutes. Just imagine grocery shopping! hehe love you :}{: