June 18, 2011

Dear Audrey - One Month

Dear Audrey,

You're one month old today.  What a joy you are.  Your daddy and I are so blessed to be given the opportunity to be your parents.  You're a very good baby, but we would love you even if you weren't.  Some days you sleep with one eye open just to make sure I don't put you down, but other days we can lay you down when you yawn and you will put yourself right to sleep.  You're quite the Houdini; often times popping your little hand out of the top of your swaddle a few seconds after we're convinced we've finally got you wrapped up tight.  You love to have your hands by your mouth but they distract you and you don't sleep for as long when you have access to them.  Mommy doesn't like that, at least not at night.  You still don't wake up happy, but that's because you usually wake up hungry.  I look forward to when you see me and understand that you don't have to scream your head off anymore, because I will feed you.  You're still not sleeping in your crib, because you seem to be congested at night and all of your little snorts and gurgles scare your mama too much for her to be comfortable with you sleeping in another room.  It's really hard to get you back to sleep in your bassinet after you eat at 5:30/6:00 so daddy usually lets you lay with him in our bed.  You sleep fine when he does this.  Sometimes you have a hard time getting back to sleep after you eat at 4:00, but mommy won't let daddy bring you into our bed in the middle of the night.  I have to have some boundaries. 

This past week you've started to really look at things and, I think, get excited.  You're at least engaging things more than you were.

We think you look like a little cartoon bug.  Actually, your daddy makes really cute faces that I've always said make him look like a toon bug.  You look a lot like your daddy and are already making funny faces with your lips/mouth like he does.  We call you toon bug, bug, cricket, nugget, punk (short for punkin), and monk (short for monkey), along with the usual angel, beautiful, etc.

Like I said, you have your daddy's pretty mouth, and I'm pretty sure you have your daddy's nose.  You have your mama's chin (I'm sorry, blame your granny Annie) and your mama's round head (also sorry).  You even have your mama's ear ripple - weird, huh?!  We're not sure whose eyes you have yet, they seem bigger than either of ours.  The very first moment I held you, you had your left eye wide open staring at me.  So funny.  Your big, wide eyes are kind of your signature feature at this point.  They stare right at us, big as quarters, even when you're so so tired.  I'm not sure why you don't give in when you're sleepy.  Perhaps you're processing your mental to-do list like your mama does when it's time for bed.  I hope that's not the case.

Sometimes when you're dissatisfied with your current situation you move your hands like you're trying to doggie paddle.  You're funny about a pacifier.  I think it's your first love/hate relationship.  Daddy blows in your face to get you to stop crying.  This stresses mama out, because it also gets you to stop breathing!  Daddy holds you like a football and flies you around the room.  This also stresses mama out.  I will learn to loosen up.  In fact, I'm already better than I was.  We've only given you two baths.  You would have had a third one by now, but daddy is out of town and mama is nervous to do it on her own.  Daddy is actually much better at this task than mama is.  Right now Sampson and Lola still pretty much ignore you and me both, but I think they're starting to come around.  Soon enough the three of you are going to be buds.  Your daddy thinks it's so cute when you sneeze (it is pretty cute), you still get hiccups pretty often like you did in my belly, and your cough is so adult sounding!  And scary!  When you're done eating you purse your little lips together tight and pout out your lower lip.  You're a very very happy baby; so content with just about everything.

We pray that you will be beautiful, kind, and that you will have favor with God and people.  You are already making people smile and we pray that will always be the case.  Thank you so much for being such a precious girl.

We love you very much,

Mama and Daddy

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