October 16, 2009

Today's Mail

I got my new drivers license in the mail today! I'm excited that it looks like me... looks pretty good, actually. I can't wait for the next cashier to ask to see my ID, with my new name and my new signature. Gone are the days of being hassled by airport security because my drivers license picture (with a younger, fatter face and shorter hair) didn't look much like me anymore.

I also got my new check card in the mail. I had to cancel mine the other day after a random charge from Pennsylvania showed up on my bank statement. The whole card is bright ugly stop-light red... and gray. Red... and gray. Ew! And it says DEBIT CARD in two separate places in really cheap-looking font. It looks like an ATM card or some cheap temporary card. Actually, the temporary card that Matt got when we merged accounts that even said "Valued Customer" in place of "Matt Meitl" looked better than this guy does. I'm thinking about losing it and ordering a new one in hopes that they rotate designs at random and I'll end up with a prettier one next time.

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