October 25, 2009

A Typical Fall Sunday

After an amazing message at church and lunch with some other newlywed friends of ours, we drove around a little and took picture of the autumn leaves. I don't remember a fall this pretty since I was in Blacksburg, or since I visited the Smokey Mountains one October several years back. The leaves this year seem so much richer, so much more vibrant, and they seem to be staying that way for longer. I can't seem to get over them. In good fall fashion, Matt and I spent the rest of this Sunday being lazy on the couch.

Spiced Pork Chops
Sprinkle the chops with spices of your choice - we have a mix we use that contains a fair amount of cumin. Cook them for 6 minutes on each side over med heat with a little bit of oil.

just used stove top and followed the box directions, I'm not fancy.

Brussel Sprouts
I have to say, I really want to like brussel sprouts. I don't generally have a problem with green vegetables, and they are very lovely and quite cute. They just taste like feet, and I can't seem to overcome that. I made them for diner tonight and Matt said, "this is definitely the best brussel sprout experience I've ever had." My response to this was, "but unfortunately they still taste like brussel sprouts." He agreed. If you like them though, I really think this was a great recipe for them.

Blanch the sprouts for 3 minutes then half them. Roast them at 400 for 20 minutes with olive oil, the juice of 1/4 of an orange, and sliced garlic. When they are done, sprinkle a little parm to melt over the top. They really were quite good... for brussel sprouts.

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