March 27, 2010

Well, I did end up calling in sick on Wednesday, I didn't have a choice... and resting a day definitely did the trick.  I was bright eyed and bushy tailed... back at 'em Thursday morning.

We decided to take our grocery list and see if we could get it all at Trader Joes today.  That's a little bit of an adventure; you have to have a little flexibility in order to get everything you need.  For example, they don't sell individual green peppers so we ended up with a 2 pack - one red and one green.  They do not have cream of mushroom soup in a can so I decided to get mushrooms and cream and I'll make the sauce myself (it's for pork chops anyway, and this will be way better).  The pre-washed caesar salad in a bag was WAY more expensive that it would have been with Kroger so we got a bag of just spring greens, but we'll put pecan, strawberries, and goat cheese that we already had at home on it and probably enjoy it much better.  The only bread crumbs they had were a bag of organic that was about half the size of the tins I usually get and twice the cost, ouch!  All in all I don't think we spent that much more, and we're pretty excited about the things we got that we wouldn't have gotten at Kroger, like a 3 grain mix of rice, barley, and spelt (don't know what spelt is, but I'll keep you posted).

We also finally got a few reusable grocery bags, yay!  I was only holding out, because I didn't want to take a "Trader Joes" bag into Kroger or a "Kroger" bag into Harris Teeter and so-on.  Oh well.  I'm excited.  It felt pretty great walking out with a ton of groceries and no plastic bags.  Now I can glare at the people still using plastic bags.  Kidding.  Kind of.  ;)

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