January 3, 2011

Five Things to be Happy About: 12/28 - 1/3

1.  The first nursery project is complete!  We found the perfect nursery rocker on craigslist and I recovered it with fabric I've had on hand for a while now, just waiting for a good reason to use it.  I'm just tickled with the finished product.  I feel much less intimidated to sew the crib bedding now that this is complete.

2.  Got a few other much needed house projects complete.  Getting this place in a state where it's ready to put on the market should we decide to sell.  Matt finished the peel-and-stick tile in the guest bathroom and painted a few places where walls had been patched and were never repainted.  Next stop - tiling the kitchen backsplash and rehanging the storage door.  

3.  Finished packing up our gift boxes for friends and family.  Spent half a day making 32 cups of spicy peanut brittle and also made our own spice mix and boxed them up with pretty holiday scented candles.  What a fun Christmas project.  

4.  Reached the halfway point of the pregnancy and feeling really good.  

5.  Selling a beautiful wedding dress for $200 that I bought for $100 and never wore... that's enough to buy a crib!

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