September 19, 2016

4 Ingredient Breakfast Burritos

Anyone else get frustrated when you have to scroll and scroll (and scroll) through a blogger's story to get to the bottom of the page for the recipe?  Yes?  Great, you're in luck.

Here's the recipe:

1 lbs breakfast sausage (we like Jimmy Dean All-Natural Sausage)
12 sggs
1 cup graded cheddar cheese (about a 4 oz block)
12 flour tortillas (Trader Joe's Handmade Flour Tortillas are KEY if you can get them.  I've NEVER had one tear on me!)

Use a 12" pan with tall sides if you have it.  Crank up the heat to medium and add your pork.  You don't need to add any oil first.  Break it up really well, and cook until it's starting to brown up to your liking.  Meanwhile, crack your 12 eggs and whisk them up, and grate your cheese.  Once the meat is done, drain excess fat if needed, but we find that it's not necessary with the Jimmy Dean All Natural breakfast sausage.  Transfer the meat into a bowl and set aside.

Turn your heat down to low, or even slide the pan off of the heat for a moment.  Add the eggs to the pan and start stirring.  I don't know the last time you tried to scramble 12 eggs, but it takes a while, and for a little while it looks like it's not going to work out.  Don't worry, it will all come together.  Once the burner cools down a little you can put your pan back over the low or med-low heat and just keep stirring until the eggs are cooked through.

Remove the pan from the heat, turn your burner off, add the sausage back in, and break it all up so that it's well mixed.  Stir in the cheese and continue to mix.

Grab a tortilla, add a level 1/2 cup scoop of filling and roll your burrito.  If you have the Trader Joe's Handmade Flour Tortillas you can roll them pretty tight and not worry about them ripping.  This typically makes 12 burritos for me.  Wrap them in foil and toss them in a freezer bag in the freezer.

To reheat.  Remove from foil, loosely wrap in a paper towel.  Nuke in the microwave for 1 minute at 80% power, flip, and nuke for 30 seconds at 100% power.  Allow 3 minutes to cool.  A great grab-and-go breakfast!!

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