April 10, 2010

I think I actually forgot for a moment how much I miss shopping.

I've always been a serious buy-returner.  I just can't make a decision in a 4x4 stall.  I've cut down on this habit since getting married.  1. because I have cut down on shopping period, and 2. because I just think it would freak Matt out a little for me to come home with $200 worth of clothing even if I only planned on keeping $50 worth.  Well, in preparation for Vegas, I've been dress shopping.

I stopped by TJMaxx the other day to check out their dresses and nothing fit.  I stopped by Ross the next day and everything fit!  Of the eight that fit that I liked, I brought five home with me, that's not too bad.  That's manageable, yes?  Today Matt and I swung by H&M because we were in the neighborhood (it's typically about 35 minutes away) and I got two more dresses.  We're up to seven now.  The same mall also has a Forever XXI which happened to have THE dress I had seen online that I really wanted for Vegas.  While searching for THAT dress I found two more I liked... three more in that store makes ten total, woops.  So, here I am at home with ten dresses.  I hope it goes without saying that I can't keep all ten dresses.  But seriously, how do I decided?  I love them all!

This is when it got fun.  Newlywed decision making at it's finest.  My sweet sweet husband got out a notebook and a pen and rated each dress 1-5 in three different categories.  a. First Impression or Overall Likeability b. Wearability (to include church, weddings, date night, cookouts, etc) and c. Fit.  It also got a check mark if it was a Vegas dress, because once I started dress shopping I ended up finding dresses I loved that would not necessarily work for Vegas.  He said he felt like Jay Z... haha.

After I tried them all and had seen them for a second time myself, I was able to put them in three piles of my own.  There were three I really wanted to keep, two that I could part with, but it might take some convincing, and five that I felt like I could let go without too much trouble.  Meanwhile, Matt tallied up his scores and one of his top four dress was in my keep pile so we decided it was a definite.  His second place dress, and the two that tied for third however, were in my "definitely could go back" pile! which also means he left out two I loved and two that I put in the maybe pile.

I had him re-convince me of the three that he liked from my "to go" pile, and I made attempts to re-convince him of the two he left out from my "keep" pile.  When all was said and done, we ended up keeping one more from mine and two more from his for a total of four really awesome dresses... for only $70!  What a fun thing :)

Side note:  Forever XXI has a terrible return policy (you have to get it back within 21 days and even then you can only get store credit even with the receipt and the tags still on... who does that?!) but they get brownie points because the bottom of their shopping bags say John 3:16.  Interesting, huh?  I thought it was pretty great.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not parish but have eternal life."

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