April 22, 2010

Protector of the baby birdies - and it just so happens to be Earth Day!

On the way in to work yesterday I accidently came a little too close to a bird that was sitting under a tree in one of the medians in the parking lot.  He flared his tail and starting squawking at me.  I looked up in the tree to see if he was protecting a nest, but I didn't see anything.  Oh well.

On my way back out to my car that evening the same bird was still sitting in the same spot!  This time he flared his tail, squawked, and hopped in place.  The hopping allowed me to see that he... she... was sitting on her eggs.  Why is her nest on the ground?!  This is a terrible place for baby birdie eggs.  I just know someone is going to come barreling through the parking lot on their cell phone, not paying attention, and crush the eggs while the mama is not around.  Needless to say I lost a little sleep over this.

My wonderful husband was heading to Lowes and suggesting getting something to put around the bird to protect her and her eggs.  Great idea!

This morning I parked near the tree and sure enough, there she was!  I got out my little fence and slowly got close enough to her to put it up where it might make a difference.  She was flaring her tail, squawking her little beak at me, hopping on one leg, and even shaking a little.  She was not happy, but I did my best to convince her that I was not going to hurt her babies.  I hope she understood.  Meanwhile, whoever parked right in front of her next was still sitting in his car reading something, only slightly distracted (I'm sure) by the crazy bird lady that has parked beside him.  I apologized to him at one point, slightly embarrassed at all the noise the bird and I were making.

We brought in two interview candidates today and the first one was already in the lobby when I got there, so I grabbed him and walked him to his interview location.  I asked a co-worker to grab the second candidate for me when he arrived.  She did, and she walked him to my cube.  I looked up when they got there and instantly recognized him.  "Were... you... sitting in your car... while... I was putting the fence around that bird?" Yup.  Awesome.  What are the chances? :)

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