May 27, 2010

I'm still here...

I realize it looks like I may never write again.  Most of it is starting the new job and having much less free time in my schedule.  The other part is that we're not trying out many new recipes right now... we do a lot of grilling meat and veggies and then whip up a simple side like orzo or rice.  I do have some recipes that I need to get up here at some point though.

I think what initially held me back from writing is that the next story to come up for me to write about was the conclusion of my last post about the mama bird.  I came in to work one day and her nest had been covered over with mulch by the landscapers.  I spent the day snotting into a tissue... I was just so upset that they would be so careless.  I procrastinated writing about this unhappy ending, but I felt like it was the next thing to write so I didn't particularly want to skip it.

So there it is and here we are... only a month later.  Still loving my new job, still loving my new husband (coming up on our anniversary in less than one month!)

In the past month we've visited my parents in TN, we had Carrie and her baby Spencer spend three days with us, I re-joined the gym with Matt, I went to Jacquie's baby shower, we thought about getting a doggy and decided against it, we ordered tiles for the kitchen backsplash (the bigger story is that we agreed on which tiles to order for the kitchen backsplash), we sat in as the "newly married couple" on a panel discussion for engaged couples at our church, we saw avatar on blueray and watched the last episode ever of LOST (and cried), matt finally got new sandals so he can stop wearing those nasty tevas even though he says "but i can run in them!," we have 11 tomatoes on the vine that are waiting to ripen, as well as peppers, strawberries, mint, thyme, rosemary, chives, and a big ol' head of lettuce, and we've begun trying to get pregnant again.

Last time we were trying to get pregnant was in my 6th year of property management, so ready to be done with the working world.  We also weren't sure if we could get pregnant, which adds a whole other dimension of stress to the situation.  This time I'm in a job I love, learning new things and not particularly ready to be "done" with it.  I also liken this to someone having their second child.  It is our second pregnancy after all.  We don't have to wonder if we'll get pregnant... and when was never really an issue for us.  All of that to say that we love how things timed out.  We are in a much better place to be trying to get pregnant right now (a happier place with much better bennies!) than we were 7/8 months ago, and God's hand in our situation is very obvious to us.

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