June 7, 2010

Five Things to be Thankful for on a Monday Morning

A girl friend of mine emails a bunch of her friends every Monday with five things to be happy about. It's a nice change of pace for a day that has a reputation for being griped about. I thought, since I'm having a hard time keeping up with the blogging these days, this might be a nice way for me to chime in at least once a week and share some sweet things that are happening in my life. So:

Five Happies:

1. Slicing the first tomato from our "garden."
2. 90 minute car ride to a wedding in the middle of nowhere, NC with old co-workers - a great time to play catch up.
3. For the first time ever I think every room in the house (including the "spare" room which is usually the catch-all) is clutter free!
4. Walking up and down the middle of the street on a warm summer (er... it's still spring, isn't it?! well, it sure feels like summer!) evening... barefoot... for 45 minutes while chit-chatting with mom.
5. Feeling baby "tulip" wiggle around in my sweet Melissa's belly.

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