June 28, 2010


1.  Baby bird hatched!  Oh my word, so cute!  She looks like a big fuzzy bumble bee with toothpicks.  About 1/4 the height of the curb and you can't even see their legs move when they run... they just look like hover and quickly glide up and down the parking lot.  There is still one more egg being nurtured by mama bird while she chases baby bird around.  :)

2.  We got home on Wednesday evening to discover that the HOA fixed the uneven shift in our sidewalk!  What a pleasant surprise.

3.  Seeing an old friend from High School that I haven't spent time with in, oh, 11 years?... and her sweet baby girl. 

4.  Crab-pickin with family and friends in Richmond... hands down one of my favorite things to do, ever, and I'm so excited that Matt just dove right in.  And bringing home a Hanover tomato and White House rolls!

5.  Our coreopsis moonbeam, after it's 3rd year in the garden, has bloomed!

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