June 14, 2010

Five Happies

1. Being called a regular by one of the guys that works at the gym

2. Guess who's back?!  Mama bird has laid another nest!!  In the parking lot again, ha.  In a worse place than last time, if that were possible.  She's is all the way on the edge of the island against the curb so that when cars park, the nose of their cars end up over top of her nest, which really irritates her.  These little birds are so cute running up and down the parking lot.  Their tiny little legs move so fast they just look like they are gliding up and down the parking lot without moving their little feet.  Anyway, I put my fence back around her so we'll see what happens this time - no scheduled landscaping in the near future so that's good.  I suppose there is no way for me to know if it's the same bird or not, but there was one nest in the parking lot last time and one nest this time so I'd say there's a pretty good chance it's the same bird.  Besides, I'm writing this story and I say it's her.

3. BLTs with L and T from the garden.  There are few things better than the juice that is made from the combination of mayo, tomatoes, and salt... yumm.  Does that make me crazy?  I asked Matt if he grew up eating tomato sandwiches or if that is just a southern thing.  (Sometimes when you are surrounded by something you don't always realize that it's just a regional thing).  He said he does not believe it is a southern thing, but that he was just never "in" to tomato sandwiches.  So I replied, "but people ate tomato sandwiches?" and he said "well, people drink tea with sugar, but they don't call it sweet tea, " meaning, people didn't have a name for it, but that doesn't mean they didn't put tomatoes on bread and eat it every now and then.  So of course I informed him that tea with sugar added is not sweet tea, and if they truly understood the goodness of a tomato on bread with mayo, salt, and pepper, they would have been sure to name it.  He didn't seem to understand.

4. Working hard around the house on Saturday... finally cleaning and organizing the outside storage closet, and being rewarded with my first Rita's mango gelato of the year.  Even better was sharing it with my sweet husband, sitting on the bench barely covered by the awning while the rain fell onto the hot parking lot pavement making a very familiar summer smell and steaming up the evening.

5. Friendships that can withstand distance.  Kara, Sandi, Carrie, Denise, Danny, David, Joe, Monica, Amanda.  Even when ridiculous amounts of time pass, the friendship is still there as much as it ever was and for that I am incredibly thankful.

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