July 12, 2010

1. Tuesday morning, the person before me in line for coffee at the cafe at work paid for mine for no reason.  He said he was, "Brad, I'm just a safety guy."  That means he works for Jacobs, one of the contractors on site here since half of the site is under construction.  He was just doing a nice thing, and encouraged me to "pay it forward" although he did not use those words.  I felt so excited and happy by this small random act of kindness!  I regret to say I have not yet paid it forward. 

2. Oliver Sebastian Belousov entered this world on July 7th.  Jacquie and Yakov are happy parents to a sweet healthy boy.

3. Matt and I had an unusually positive experience at Hardees.  I was craving a greasy burger (don't judge me) and I couldn't think of a burger better than their thick-burger.  It's $5 and I'm sure it's better than the $10 burgers at Red Robin or Chile's or anywhere else nearby.  Maybe it doesn't beat Five-guys.  Anyway.  The points is, we "dined-in" at Hardees and it was a very enjoyable experience.  First, they gave us a number to put on our table and they brought our food out to us.  We ordered a burger and curly fries, and we also wanted to try their new hand-breaded chicken fingers (with all three sauces, please).  Everything was brought out in black plastic baskets.  No trays!  Nothing was wrapped up like it normally is at a fast-food restaurant, even if you order "for here."  The burger was wrapped in white paper with part of it exposed, for easy handling and eating.  The fries were in the basket with the burger, no typical fry-holder.  The sauces were in plastic sauce cups like you might get at Chile's instead of the packets with the foil-y peel-back lids.  Amazing!  What's gotten into them?  Nevermind the fact that I immediately regretted the decision to eat fast-food when my stomach started to yell at me in the middle of Kroger.  Bah!

4. I didn't set the kitchen on fire this weekend.  Although I almost did.  Poor Matt was in the bathroom shaving when I start hollering, "Matt!  Matt!  Matt!  Matt!"  and continue to holler this even after he is standing right beside me.  I totally froze.  Just stood there watching the flames reach out from the slightly cracked oven door.  What a reality check, I had no clue what to do.  He threw the door closed, turned the broiler off, and ran back into the bedroom to put clothes on (haha).  I didn't think the smoke alarm would ev-er stop going off, and I was sure the neighbors had to wonder what the heck was going on.  No one ever showed up though, and eventually the fire was smothered out.  Wow.  So - maybe we'll get a fire extinguisher in the next couple of days?  Anyway - I'm thankful it was not worse than it was.

5. Meeting the Gordon's at the Recovery Room (a bar in Chapel Hill - not the hospital like my mom thought) for BBQ (yes, she thought we were meeting at the hospital for BBQ - hey, she's cute.  Love you mama, because I know you're reading this!!).  Also - tasting two really amazing drinks made by none other than Mr. Michael Hernandez: some kind of thin-mint creamy goodness, and his best attempt at Jennifer's request for a "blueberry muffin" drink.  Although it did not have the taste of a crumb topping like I would have preferred.  :)

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