July 5, 2010

Happy Girl

"I've come to know that the world won't change just 'cause I complain.  Let the axis twirl, I'm a happy girl." -Martina

1.  Cashing in 4 hours of vacation time and getting a 4 day weekend!  And seeing Pat Benatar sing and talk about stories behind her songs on Rachael Ray.  What an awesome and beautiful woman she is.

2.  Noticing a difference after a little over the month at the gym - little biceps and calf muscles, oh my! - and being excited that I really missed the gym after having a tough time getting there this past week.

3.  A lecture on gender roles in marriage by Ed Gravely - learning a lot about what God's commands really are for a wife in marriage and feeling blessed for my husband and thankful that God is the giver of perfect gifts.

4.  A fourth of July celebration at Oval Park in Durham - sitting in the shade with two lovely friends (mulch sticking to the sweaty undersides of our legs, haha) watching kids play in the water being sprayed by the fire truck hoses.  My kid-at-heart husband saying, "I wish we could stay here all day."

5.  Currently: laying on my back on the couch, the front door open because it hasn't yet reached the 94 degrees the forecast has called for today, with the laptop propped up on my legs, watching the ladies from Sex and the City on the View, and blogging.  Sighing, because Matt is alone in the office working on a presentation he'll be giving in a few months which totally obligates me to be productive around the house (instead of laying on the couch blogging...) *putting the computer away now :)

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