January 31, 2013

January in Pictures

In an attempt to play catch-up now that the baby boy is 3 months old and I feel like I can finally breathe... here's the month of January in pictures.  Enjoy!!

Grannie gave Audrey one of my old toys.  A playschool little people mom, baby, and nursery set.  It's one of her favorite things to play with.  She's very good at putting all of the pieces away when she is doing playing with it so that none of them get lost.  

She loves all of the "new" baby toys that are hanging around and doesn't quite understand that they're not really for her.  

At least it's an opportunity to share.

The first sign of a baby smile!!

Audrey getting ready to be thrown in circles by daddy.

My punky little girl.

Love these pajamas on Bennett... too bad he out grew these (and everything else) so quickly!

A day at the airport watching planes take off.  This was our first time doing this and we all loved it.  

Strapping the carseat to the double stroller

Sorry these are sideways... but what a cute face!!

Baby loves to nap on his tummy...

My sweet babies one Sunday morning...

Having a snack and watching the Lorax with daddy.  So sweet.

What a big girl she is... sigh...

Oh good, she looks little in these pictures again :]  Out shopping in the cold.

Entertaining mommy while I fold laundry... so sweet!

Audrey loves her hoodie and corn chips.... "cheep"

Munching a banana in the driver seat while mommy nurses Bennett... waiting to meet our friends at the museum.

With Brooks and Tilly and the museum.

Stretching... I love these pictures!!

A nap outside on a nice sunny evening...

But nothing beats a nap on mama...

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