February 28, 2013

February in Pictures

Learning to juggle a toddler and an infant hasn't left much time for blogging so here's a quick recap of our February in pictures.

Typical toddler wardrobe: pjs, robe, elton john glasses, and a bead necklace.  If only she had her hat on.  

It's not the best fit ever, but just so we're not running over rocky terrain (which, let's be honest, I don't run) then Bennett is big enough to fit in the big kid stroller seat.

The double stroller in all of it's glory!

A few sweet faces of the boy.

Haha!  Chubby baby checking out the bumbo.

My wonderful husband took both kids one morning so I could sleep in.  He put Bennett down for tummy time and when I got up I found him napping just like this...

He won't suck on his paci, but he still likes to hug it.  Matt says this is the start of his entourage.  

More sweet faces of the boy.

Our silly girl at Dunkin...  So much personality.

Being a very good girl out to lunch...

She loved the duck statues at the mall.  The next time I pulled into the mall parking lot she started saying, "duck duck duck duck," even though the statue was not where we could see it.  She still knew where we were.

Checking out the bible... a much bigger book than she's used to.

The dinner table...

Audrey's friend, Haven, made her this crown and Audrey almost never takes it off.  She does not always wear it upside down though.

My big boy... no wonder my back hurts!

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