February 8, 2010

29 Years In The Making

I actually had a very nice birthday. My mommy had sent me a box with instructions that it was not to be opened until February 3rd. I opened it in the morning while on the phone with her. Inside there was a tag that said, "The First Ever Port-O-Party." Inside were four Little Debbie square cakes, four candles, a box of matches, and two noise makers - a blue one for Matt, and a pink of for me... although Lola-cat was pretty sure the pink one was for her.

My brother called to wish me happy birthday on my "real 29th birthday." I wasn't sure what he meant until he explained, "next year and any number of subsequent years you will be celebrating your 29th birthday again, right?" Haha, I thought that was pretty cute.

I got dinner with a few ladies, and even had a margarita. It was my birthday, after all :) On Saturday Matt took me shopping for a new watch. I knew I wanted a watch with a white leather band and a white face. We ended up finding one at Fossil that was perfect. It's got a square face and a few rhinestones. Matt was pleased to buy me a little bling.

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