December 6, 2010

Five Things to be Happy About 11/30-12/6

1.  Outback "to go" and a movie (Date Night - hiliarous) on the couch on a cold Friday night.

2.  Working on home-made Christmas gifts in the kitchen with the hubs.

3. Snow!!!  Started Saturday night and we woke up Sunday to a thin little blanket on the ground and rooftops, pretty :]

4.  Shopping for 9-year-old Jennifer from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  I took 9-year-old Oliva with me, and she was so so good the entire time.  Even in the toy section she stayed focused on the task at hand and seemed very pleased to be buying nice things for someone who is less fortunate than she is.  I dropped the gifts off in the designated area at work this morning and was blown away by all of the bags of presents... all of that generosity.  One 9-year-old girl had asked for a skateboard and her Angel got it for her.  How happy is she going to be on Christmas morning?!  I just love the love, it makes me so happy.

5.  Hearing Willie Nelson sing Frosty the Snowman

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