December 27, 2010

Five Things to be Happy About: 12/21 - 12/27

1.  Coming home from work a few days before Christmas to find a wrapped present addressed -- To: mamacita From: santa


2.  No flight delays to or from Chicago!  Getting to spend a lovely Christmas with the many Meitls.

3.  I'm officially a b-cup!  Never thought I'd see the day.  Too bad my belly has definitely surpassed my boobs, haha.

4.  Finding the perfect rocker for the nursery on Craigslist... not that easy to do!  I wanted white wood, with a footstool, not too large, but with padded arms... and I didn't want to have to drive 30 miles to take a look at it.  Found just what I was looking for and picked it up on Christmas Eve... can't wait to recover it!!

5.  Matt's aunt and uncle Jarvis donated one goat and two chickens to a family in need in our name for Christmas through World Vision.  I love this!  First of all, it's just kind of fun and funny.  Second of all, it really means that a family struggling to survive now has a goat for milk and chickens for eggs and, well, chicken!  Pretty amazing actually.

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