July 23, 2009

Me? Irritable? :)

Matt and I are reading "The First Five Years of Marriage" together. Today we read about the wonderful world of PMS and the exercise was to discuss ways we could alleviate stress for everyone during my worst days. I told Matt that I just need him to ignore me and leave me alone for a bit. Find his book, find his iPhone, find his Mario Kart. Anything. His tendency is to be closer to me, and that doesn't give me time to get over myself and "come around." In fact, if anything, it pushes me further away. In my mind, the body language that I would like to be left alone is loud and clear, so I get increasingly more frustrated when I feel like he's not picking up on that. One time I threw out there a simple, "wow, I'm really cranky right now," and Matt let me know today how much that helped him to understand that anything that's going on is not because he is a bad husband or because he's done something wrong, it's simply because I'm cranky and will probably refuse to be satisfied until I snap out of it. :)

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