July 21, 2009

"Thank you!" to our generous wedding guests

With the cash we got for our wedding we decided to give 10% towards the global mission at our church and put the rest towards a new washer and dryer. After looking, drooling, and dreaming over GE front loaders (and a few moments before we hopped online to order them) Matt decided to measure the laundry room. Surprise! They are too deep for the space we've got to work with. You would think after ordering a fridge two years ago that was too big for the space I would have learned that this should be a first step. My strapping male neighbors worked until 11pm to get that fridge in, and the night involved removing the back wheels with limb loppers, chiseling at the bottom of the cabinets above with a flat head screw driver, and removing the base board by the fridge. She's in though! And so pretty. Even if she's never coming out... So! Matt measured and we began our search over. We ended up getting a top loader washing machine with an agitator that only comes up about 4 inches, so it has just as much room as a front loader anyway. They were delivered this morning, and I was so excited to get home and do laundry. I was able to leave work a little early today so I managed to begin the second load of laundry, paint a 9'x4' white stripe on the wall behind our bed, and begin a side dish to take to the Gordon's for dinner before Matt got home from work. Sometimes I'm on quite a roll. I'll tell more about the transformation of our bedroom into an inviting and inspiring place to end our days later when more of the projects come together.

We went to the Gordon's house for dinner and a couple rounds of Mad Gab. If you're not familiar with this game, it's hilarious. If you have every desired to speak with a german accent (who hasn't!) this game is for you. The puzzles consist of a set of unrelated words that, when read aloud, sound like familiar phrases, names, places, etc. This one one of my favorites of the night:

Reef Hinge Off Dean Herds

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