July 20, 2009

One month as Mrs Meitl

Whoop! It's our one month "anniversary!" One of our neighbors told me that one month is the "weed out" period and that if we have made it this far we are golden. Good to know.

Matt's job got the best of him for a little while today, so, to make himself feel better, he worked through a math problem he found on some website. Isn't it obvious why I love him so? He gave me the puzzle to solve and I was able to work through part one on my own, but after scribbling on scrap paper for at least 45 minutes I decided I was never going to figure out part two. He talked me through the solution step by step while I paced the floor trying to visualize the process. Wheels just a turnin. I would never have solved it on my won. See what you think:

The absolute value of a real number is defined as its numerical value without regard for sign. So, for example abs(2) = abs(-2) = 2.
The maximum of two real numbers is defined as the numerically bigger of the two. For example, max(2,-3) = max(2,2) = 2

a. abs in terms of max
b. max in terms of abs

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